Macrobat Applications

Recreational Flying

With the growing light sports aircraft market, the Macrobat offers an exhilarating flight experience to aviation enthusiasts.

A larger, scaled variant is envisioned in the longer term, which can operate as an air taxi.

Emergency Medical Assistance

The aircraft ensures the timely delivery of: blood, blood samples, essential medical supplies, and critical personnel, to rural areas.


In order to meet future demands in the agricultural sector, the Macrobat can be used to administer fertilizer and pesticides on large scale commercial farms.

Infrastructure Inspection

The aircraft facilitates the transportation of skilled professionals to remote locations for the inspection, monitoring, and maintenance, of crucial infrastructure.

High-Valued Goods

The remotely piloted variant ensures the safe and timeous transportation of high-valued goods.

A Transportation Ecosystem

The project is about much more than just the aircraft alone. The ecosystem is designed to balance and harmonise the supporting components.