Two engineers walk into a bar…
Okay lower your expectations, this joke is well below par.
Coert knew far too much about pop-culture, for someone without a TV,
and Prevani, well she had a fear of sliced tomatoes, mysteriously.

They received a message from Vivek, another engineer,
who was running late… yet again, it would appear.
Vivek was not intentionally trying to make his friends wait,
but despite owning 84 pocket watches, always managed to be late.

So Coert and Prevani, back at the bar,
came up with a plan, to develop a flying car,
to assist their friend with this punctual crime,
by ensuring that from now on, he would always be on time.

And so, PHRACTYL was born, from this modest event,
and continues to pursue personal flight, with strong intent.

So, if you would like to help all of those suffering from running-late-initis,
support us on Patreon or Paypal, or simply write us.
Your contribution will help us to continue with this dream,
and to you, we say thank you, and welcome to the PHRACTYL team!