Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with clients.

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Text risks to be unintendedly humorous or offensive, an unacceptable risk in corporate environments. Lorem ipsum and its many variants have been employed since the early 1960ies, and quite likely since the sixteenth century.

Last year I wrote about why booking too far in advance can be dangerous for your business, and this concept of margin so eloquently captures what I had recognized had been my problem: I was so booked up with clients

Because the topic of motion in user interfaces is mostly understood by designers to be ‘UI Animation’—which it is not — I feel like I need to create a bit of context before we jump into the 12 Principles.‘UI Animation’ is typically thought of by designers as something that makes the user experience more delightful, but overall doesn’t add much value. Thus, UI Animation is often treated like the red-headed stepchild of UX (apologies to red-headed stepchildren everywhere). If at all, it usually comes at the end, as a final lipstick pass.The act of masking asking can be thought of as a relationship between the shape of the object and it’s utility.Because designers are familiar with ‘masking’ in the context of static design, it behooves us to bring distinction to the UX in Motion Principle ‘Masking’ as it occurs in time, as an act, and not as a state.Through the temporal use of revealing and concealing regions of an object, utility transitions in a continuous and seamless way. This also has the effect of preserving narrative flow.

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Originality isn’t about doing what’s never been done in a strict sense, but it’s about the unique way in which each individual gives expression to his or her artistic influences. Quoting Jonathan Lethem, Kleon argues that “when people call something ‘original,’ nine out of ten times they just don’t know the references or the original sources involved.”It’s a simple idea, but not as simple as “copy the people you like” and you’ll be an instant genius.The kind of stealing Kleon refers to is not about pretending you came up with somebody else’s idea or just modifying a few details, but it’s about being strategic and selective with the process of choosing your influences, taking what resonates with you, making other people’s ideas your own, and being diverse enough to find unexplored points of intersection between your various influences.

If you fall in the category of people who want to write a book, learn an instrument, start a podcast, or do something creative, but you’re wrestling with the fear of not being good enough or original enough, Steal Like An Artist is a great book for helping you get started. It’s an easy read and there’s no complex jargon to navigate, but Kleon offers some highly digestible and pragmatic insights for the beginning creator.Originality is how you uniquely put things together. You didn’t create the alphabet, yet you have a unique way of using language that differs from your peers. When a musician composes a song, they don’t feel pressured to invent the notes on the piano or to create a new instrument. They can simply work with what’s already there and put their own unique twist on it.The quest for originality is a distraction. It usually leads to a self-obsessive focus on saying what’s never been said when all that really matters is saying what you believe, saying what you feel, and saying what you mean. When you first start doing this, you might not sound very original, but this process is precisely how you find your voice.

We are the generation that struggles to see both the problems and the possibilities for progress because our worldview is dominated by an obsession over what the people on the other political team are up to. We are the generation that refuses to acknowledge injustice because of a fear of how liberals will politicize the incident. We are the generation that refuses to acknowledge the beauty of self-empowerment because of a fear of how conservatives will abuse the message.We are the generation that has lost sight of truth because we’re too busy defending ideologies to have time for exploring new ideas, questioning our assumptions, and ridding ourselves of self-defeating beliefs. We are the generation that will do everything it can to avoid admitting someone was right if he or she represents the wrong party. We are the generation that will go out of its way to gloss over the wrongdoings of others if he or she is part of our own in-group.

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Black & White

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If you’re always wondering “How much time do I have before I can stop doing this?” then you’ll almost always come in second place to the person that wakes up in the morning eager to do it. It’s not that passion has some sort of magic power to it, but you’re just far more likely to put the work in, make interesting connections, and exercise follow-through if you adamantly believe in what you’re doing.

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So many people get stuck on things like “being a writer” or “being an entrepreneur” and they never get around to getting things done because they’re too busy trying to figure out if their ontological state gives them permission to do the thing they want to do.Forget about your state of being for a second. Forget about your identity for a moment Just do something. If you’re interested in it right now, then that’s enough to try it out. You’ll find out the most valuable information about yourself not by naval gazing and analyzing your soul all day long, but by getting to know what the creative process actually feels like. The worst thing you can do is make your actions dependent on some rashly established axiomatic understanding of what your identity is.

Your sense of self will evolve and expand until the day you die. So you’ll be waiting around forever if you insist on knowing who you are before beginning the work you feel compelled to do in the moment.

Work. Risk. Try. Create. Experiment. Test. Move. Do. Knowledge of self is the effect, not the cause of all these things.Who needs truth when you have talking points? What need is there for the individual to challenge himself or herself to make the world a freer place on a day-to-day basis when all you have to do is vote on election day?

We have it all figured out. Whatever our problems are, it’s mostly because the “wrong person” is in office. We’ll get it right this time around. We’ll pay extra close attention to the debates this time around. We’ll ask them tougher questions this time around. We’ll encourage even more people to vote this time around. This time things will be different.There’s always a savior. There’s always a superman, or an angel from on high, or a fairy godmother who comes along and sets things properly a course. You’ll see. I’ll see. We’ll all see.

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